KMSA Webinar: Creating value from knowledge: the case of innovative solutions for social good

Date: 14 April 2021
Time: 14:00 – 15:00
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Topic: Creating value from knowledge: the case of innovative solutions for social good
Speakers: Dr Hanlie Smuts

The organisational complexity of creating value has been augmented by the fast changing business world of today (digital evolution, disruptive technologies, etc.). Innovation has become central to the strategy of many organisations, just for the organisation to realise that innovation is particularly dependent on the availability of knowledge.  Therefore, the complexity created by the explosion of richness and reach of knowledge have to be recognised and managed to ensure successful innovation. In this webinar, Dr Hanlie Smuts will discuss the principles of creating value from knowledge within the world of work today with particular reference to key considerations for leaders and knowledge management practitioners. She will illustrate the key aspects presented, as well as lesson learned, through a case study where an innovative fintech solution was implemented in Africa.

Dr Smuts is an Associate Professor in the Department of Informatics at the University of Pretoria since 2017. During her tenure in industry, her role aimed to deliver consistent, customer relevance across all digital touch points, to empower customers through convenient and effective self-service, and to drive growth through personalised digital offerings. Through a deeper understanding of the digital and adjacent ecosystems, she championed transformation to digital and the need for collaboration in this context. Her thorough understanding of the digital and adjacent ecosystems also enabled her to implement digital financial solutions for the mass markets in South, East and West Africa. Her current research focuses on information systems and the organisation, with particular emphasis on digital transformation, disruptive technologies (4th Industrial Revolution) and the management of big data and knowledge. The combination of these research areas enables cross-domain research in the field of knowledge visualisation as an organisational tool, as well as collaboration between human and machine knowledge (artificial intelligence and machine learning) for knowledge-related work. Dr Smuts has published several papers and book chapters in her field of study.

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