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AI4KM by Dr Candice Borgstein

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

According to the KMI Institute, some organisations conduct their business as usual, while their KM solutions are accelerating their growth. Major trends such as cloud technology, the hybrid workplace, graph databases, artificial intelligence, and language processing solutions lay the groundwork of a robust KM environment.

In a recent presentation on the World Bank’s knowledge programme, Margot Brown, Director of Knowledge Management at The World Bank Group, explained their use of AI to enhance their KM offering. The World Bank’s knowledge management team pinned down the core activity of the bank and its unmet needs: reusing existing knowledge when leading a new project.

Over the years the World Bank has run over 22,000 projects. Manually sorting all the information from various projects and offering the top-ten projects to be considered, together with the most relevant information and knowledge in each is a lengthy process.

The World Bank Pre-design Knowledge Package (KP) is a compendium of knowledge gathered from multiple sources, focusing on different aspects of past projects through a KM-AI approach. Knowledge identification is done using a combination of advanced unsupervised machine learning algorithms, and manual knowledge curation.


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A huge issue in organizations is being able to identify their "core activity" and "unmet needs". Analysis of these issues has to be carried out to prioritize valuable knowledge and then how best it is utilized in the business workflow

Hanlie Smuts
Hanlie Smuts
Dec 06, 2023
Replying to

Agreed! I think knowledge audit can add value here, however, it needs to tie into the organisation's objectives and core value chain?

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