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Knowledge Management in COVID-19 times: Now, Next and Beyond

Presented by Brigitte Wharton (EY)

Wednesday, 5 August 2020, 14:00 – 15:00 CAT
@your PC

During COVID-19, content has remained king … but access has been queen.

In challenging times, the right content helps educate, create and keep clients, consumers and subscribers.
However, finding the right insights, at the right time, can be hard.

An excess of content – non-stop emails, new newsletters, 24-hour news, endless social feeds, fake news – has overwhelmed the system.

At EY, our strong focus on knowledge management has been critical to helping businesses navigate the COVID-19 crisis and stay resilient.

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Brigitte Wharton

Meet the Presenter

EY professional experience summary
I'm a social and corporate serial sharer, accepting nothing short of collaboration and teaming. I have a growth mindset to deliver results, based on more than 20 years of extensive experience in the areas of research, insights, knowledge management, program management, learning and enhancing productivity, encompassing a wide range of roles and international working experience in different business and cultural environments.
With the mission of winning new business, delivering exceptional client service and accelerating change and innovation across our markets, my previous Areas Knowledge Leader roles (Europe, Middle East, India & Africa; and Asia-Pacific) were about joining the dots, uncovering insights and elevating leading practices. I have led sizeable, integrated teams across onshore and offshore Talent hub locations to co-create research and analysis, source and harvest knowledge, manage our portals and content, help people learn and develop new skills at the point of need, and foster social collaboration.

The impact of these activities is to better enable strategic decision making, our clients, and leverage the collective knowledge of our workforce to turn leading practice into common practice, ensuring our organisation can survive and thrive.

With new technology providing opportunities to manage knowledge in a more efficient way than ever, I have established senior stakeholder networks to generate demand, prioritise, influence and lead business transformation projects across the organisation to achieve change, deliver solutions, and builds out skills, capabilities and technologies to deliver greater insights to clients and teams.

I have also managed external data sourcing, digital learning experiences, global call centre and helpdesks, EY’s external digital platforms (ey.com, client channels), knowledge management systems, change programs, and training & development, in my professional journey.

Professional background

Over 20 years’ experience in the knowledge and learning business encompassing a wide   range of roles and international working experience.

Been based in several EY offices around the world including: Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Beijing and London. I'm currently based back in London.

Prior to EY Brigitte held an editorial role with Fairfax, specifically supporting their business and news mastheads; the Australian Financial Review, Business Review Weekly, Sydney Morning Herald, and the Melbourne Age.