Knowledge Management South Africa (KMSA) is a society for knowledge management professionals. As you may be aware, following the establishment of the KMSA Professionalisation Sub-Committee by the Board during 2018, several engagements with peer associations and SAQA were concluded. KMSA members welcomed this and supported the development and refinement of the consultation process in preparation for the subsequent and broader national consultations with KMSA members and other key stakeholders. 

It is against this background that we are pleased to inform you that we are now initiating a broad national consultation process on the draft KMSA Professionalisation policies and guides involving KMSA members and relevant stakeholders. Thereafter, to provide the consolidated policies for consideration by the Committee of experts and adoption by the KMSA Board as part of pursuing the SAQA application. 

Given the volume of information to be reviewed, it is not practical to provide all of the documents with this letter. For this reason, we are opening the consultation period for 1 month, ending 30 November 2020, and have established a dedicated KMSA Professionalisation consultation page on the KMSA Website for your reference and ease of access. 

The following documents have been uploaded: 

I now invite you to review and comment on these draft documents. Please download the documents, which are in PDF format, and insert your comments directly into the documents at the relevant locations using the ‘comment’ tool. We would be grateful if you could review the draft documents and provide your comments and feedback, preferably directly on the downloaded documents using the ‘comment’ tool, to the committee,,  no later than 30th November 2020. The committee will consolidate the comments, feedback and suggestions, and together with an expert group, finalize them for adoption by the KMSA Board. 

Thank you for your cooperation on this important national consultation. I look forward to your constructive responses and continuing support to ensure the future implementation of KM professionalization in South Africa.