Making KM a value-creating competency: A paradigm shift for KMers 

At the Webinar in early August, Kholane took us through the draft competency framework  

In order to perform a specific role effectively, one must have a set of skills, knowledge, abilities, and personal qualities. KMSA has developed a competency framework, which describes KM performance excellence for South Africa. For KMer’s success, the framework outlines behavioural, core, technical, and personal competencies. We are hoping that the framework will enhance the KM profession in SA in two areas: 

Tracking the impact of learning and development on performance.
Provide KMers with an understanding of what is expected of them in their job roles and what's considered to be the most important factors for success.
Support KMers and their team development of competencies (Continuous Professional Development). 

Better recruitment and retention standards
KM has been treated like an auxiliary function which is more susceptible to restructuring because the Senior Managers do not understand what “KMers do”.
Support Human Resources Managers (Recruiters) and Human Resources Development (Learning and Development) in evaluating the capabilities and potential of each Kmer.