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Discover the Power of Knowledge:

Your Career in Knowledge Management Awaits

The world is overflowing with information, and the demand for professionals who can manage, make sense of, and leverage this vast sea of knowledge is continually growing. Welcome to the world of Knowledge Management, a dynamic, rewarding, and exciting career field that sits at the intersection of information technology, business strategy, and human interaction.

Knowledge Management (KM) professionals are essential in virtually every industry, helping organizations optimize their use of information, foster innovation, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage. If you're intrigued by the opportunity to shape and manage knowledge in a way that can revolutionize industries, then Knowledge Management is the career path for you.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a business strategist, or a human interaction aficionado, a career in Knowledge Management promises to be rewarding and fulfilling. Empower organizations to make the most of their knowledge, drive innovation, and forge ahead in the competitive marketplace. The future of knowledge is in your hands. Begin your exciting journey in Knowledge Management today.

Embark on your KM Journey Today

What Makes Knowledge Management Exciting?

•    Demand for KM Professionals is on the Rise
•    Variety and Challenge
•    Impact Across an Entire Organization
•    Lifelong Learning
•    The Human Connection


Making KM a value-creating competency:
A paradigm shift for KMers

In order to perform a specific role effectively, one must have a set of skills, knowledge, abilities, and personal qualities. KMSA has developed a competency framework, which describes KM performance excellence for South Africa. For KMer’s success, the framework outlines behavioural, core, technical, and personal competencies. We are hoping that the framework will enhance the KM profession in SA in two areas: 

At the Webinar in early August, Kholane took us through the draft competency framework

Tracking the impact of learning and development on performance

Provide KMers with an understanding of what is expected of them in their job roles and what's considered to be the most important factors for success. Support KMers and their team development of competencies (Continuous Professional Development).

Candidates sitting in a queue and filling out an application form
Better recruitment and retention standards

KM has been treated like an auxiliary function which is more susceptible to restructuring because the Senior Managers do not understand what “KMers do”. Support Human Resources Managers (Recruiters) and Human Resources Development (Learning and Development) in evaluating the capabilities and potential of each Kmer.

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