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Call for Nominations

Knowledge Management South Africa (KMSA) Awards for Excellence, Chairperson's Award

We are thrilled to announce the launch of nominations for the prestigious KMSA Awards for Excellence - Chairperson's Award, recognising outstanding contributions to the field of Knowledge Management. This distinguished award is divided into two sub-categories


  • Chairperson’s Award: Individual

  • Chairperson’s Award: Organisation


The Individual category seeks to honour exceptional knowledge management (KM) professionals who have demonstrated remarkable achievements and profound impact within the KM profession. Nominees in this category should have a proven track record of years of practice in KM, providing traceable and measurable evidence of their work in the field. They should showcase significant contributions and support for Knowledge Management, illustrating the impact they have made in the KM field. Moreover, nominees should exemplify leadership qualities by influencing change or spearheading new directions to benefit the profession. This can be demonstrated through examples of excellence, vision, growth resoluteness, resilience, determination as well as innovative initiatives that have enhanced the profession. Nominees should also showcase active participation in KM programs, involvement in the professionalization, study and standardization of knowledge management practices as well as their dedication to championing KMSA's vision, goals, and programs.


In the Organisation category, we aim to honour entities that have made outstanding contributions to the field of Knowledge Management as a whole. Nominees should demonstrate a deep commitment to fostering a culture of knowledge sharing, innovation, and collaboration within their organisation and industries. The organization should have implemented effective KM initiatives that have had a significant positive impact. Additionally, nominees should showcase their active participation in KM programs, their support for the professionalisation and standardisation of KM practices, and their efforts in enabling, supporting, and encouraging cooperation and partnerships that benefit the field of Knowledge Management.


We invite you to nominate deserving individuals and organisations who have made exceptional strides in the field of Knowledge Management. Help us celebrate their achievements and recognise their significant contributions by submitting your nominations today!


Please note that all nominations should be accompanied by detailed evidence and examples that substantiate the nominee's qualifications in accordance with the criteria outlined. Together, let's acknowledge and honour those who have dedicated themselves to advancing Knowledge Management and its impact on our professional community.


Nominations closed on the 30th of July 2023

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