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19 May 2021Knowledge Management in the digital age: a new regime for KM offering | Presentation and Video
14 April 2021KMSA Webinar: Creating value from knowledge: the case of innovative solutions for social good - Presentation and Video
10 March 2021Knowledge management - Igniting SMMEs and start-ups
Presentation and Video
18 Nov 2020RoundTable with Knowledge Management Practitioners and Insights from LinkedIn Learning
21 Oct 2020Change Management Webinar
30 Sept 2020KMSA ISO 30401 Workshop
16 Sept 2020Mass Food Markets as Foundations of Knowledge, Resilience and African Memory
5 Aug 2020Knowledge Management in COVID-19 times: now, next and beyond
30 Jun 2020KM Implementation using Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Principles in Knowledge Marketplace - A Practitioner’s perspective
27 May 2020Decades of Knowledge Management developments in Hong Kong with highlights from the Hong Kong Police Force
29 Apr 2020Case Study of a GLOBAL MIKE Winner
16 Apr 2020Pandemic of Under-Preparedness: Digital Workplaces and the Organisational Response to COVID-19
26 Feb 2020Knowledge Ready Organisation versus Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise - Celebrating Excellence in KM Execution
24 Jan 2020Knowledge Management Foresight: Global Trends for 2020
2019 Photo Gallery

Convention 2019 Photo Gallery