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KMSA Event Schedule 2024

Upcoming Events

Webinars every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 13:00 – 14:00
•    Free for members
•    Registration fee for non-members

January - KMSA questionnaire data collection

12 March – Webinar facilitated by Hanlie Smuts
Theme: Knowledge automation through using Generative AI

9 April – Webinar 
Theme: Knowledge discovery – the art of using data to tell a story

28 May - Webinar
The implication of knowledge management in growing technical skills

Autumn Newsletter

9 July – Webinar 
Theme: Shifting your focus from knowledge capture to knowledge creation

21-22 August KMSA Imbizo
Theme: Championing a knowledge-sharing culture

10 September - Webinar
Theme: Is data still the new oil of the digital economy?

Spring Newsletter

8 October – Webinar presented by Hanlie Smuts
Theme: What does KM and UX have in common?


KM Global Week: The third week of October (Oct 14-20, 2024) marks our global KM Week, with the HacKMthon event on October 15th. I invite your network to align your annual or seasonal events with this global celebration to amplify our collective voice and impact

12 November – Webinar
Theme: To enhance, or not to enhance, your KM governance framework

Past Events
  • 16 - 21 October - KM Week

  • 19 September - Panel Discussion - Panel Discussion: Collaboration: Applying and adapting a KM practitioner’s toolkit in a hybrid KM future

  • 21 & 22 August - Imbizo - "The future of Knowledge Management is hybrid"

  • 11 July - Webinar - "Data rich, but knowledge poor” - Speaker: Charl Theron

  • June - Webinar - AI, ML, cloud are not traditionally part of the KM practitioners toolkit – key considerations.

  • 30 May - Panel Discussion - Reporting line of a KM function for optimal success: cases and use cases, different models.

  • March - Webinar - The metaverse and implications for KM and practitioner

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