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We live in the most exciting of times. The confluence of diverse technologies in Life Sciences, Electronics and the Cognitive Sciences, has turbo-charged the Knowledge Economy. ‘What the mind can conceive and believe – it can achieve’ is now true. In order to succeed you need ‘Intellectual’ Capital. You need new skills. You need new thinking.


RQTech has been knowledge leaders in Enterprise Content Management solutions for over 20 years. Our strength lies in aligning People, Processes and Technology so that all these dimensions are structured to execute an organisation’s strategy and achieve the corresponding goals.


The Knowledge Associates Group of Companies was first founded by Ron Young in Cambridge in 1995. At Knowledge Associates, we are a passionate and highly committed meritocracy, dedicated to implementing and supporting effective knowledge driven organisations through continual thought leadership.


COR Concepts provides Information Governance, Records Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) consulting and training services.  The company is built on the belief that any Information, Records or Document Management initiative should be designed to extract the maximum business benefit for the organization.


UKS is expanding and concentrating on optimizing the use of technology in coding and Robotics, software development, learning platforms and Data Compliance.


LexSolutions is a legal consultancy run by former General Counsels who have led teams, innovated entire departments and helped deliver businesses strategies for both in-house legal teams and businesses.

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