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Knowledge Collaboration and Connection

It has been established that knowledge management and collaboration are critical in all organisations – collecting information, managing knowledge, creating new knowledge, and inspiring ideas. Knowledge collaboration and connection is about providing ways for new knowledge to be built through collaboration or uncovered in employees other than the experts and connecting employees in different teams, locations, countries, and domains. Such knowledge collaboration and connection make employees more effective, efficient, innovative, agile, and overall better performers – over and above adding business value! It fosters and builds networks exposing employees to resources, policy, needed skills or abilities, vendor suggestions, best practices, and more.

Knowledge collaboration and connection enable the interactive exchange of information that empowers employees and exposes the organisation to new perspectives, and uncover hidden resources in the workplace network. It harnesses the team, department, organisation or group's collective intelligence to build high-quality relationships actively, networks, and social capital while solving real business problems.

We need to strengthen the knowledge community through unity and relevance within the sub-continent, becoming a central contact point for knowledge transformation within the public and private sectors, and within academia.

Therefore, we need to exchange ideas, advice, connections, knowledge, and experience regarding knowledge collaboration and connection:

  • Impact of disruptive technologies on knowledge connecting and collaborating

  • Knowledge collaboration and connection adding value in organisations

  • Knowledge collaboration and connection role players and human experience design

Thinking ahead, KM identifies and globalises knowledge to facilitate access for all collaborators. Organisations depend on a reliable knowledge management system for smooth information sharing and internal operations. Technology has a tremendous impact on knowledge management, inspiring the development of robust software platforms to leverage knowledge management strategies. We need to better understand the impact of digitalisation on knowledge collaboration and connection in the new hybrid world of work we are working in.



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