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The top 10 – create value from knowledge in organisations by Dr Hanlie Smuts

Updated: Dec 11, 2023


  1. For organisational knowledge to have value, it must include the employee (human) additions of context, experience, and interpretation.

  2. Insight combines explicit and tacit knowledge – balance knowledge codification and internalisation.

  3. Create organisational learning cycles of gaining experience and using that experience to create knowledge.

  4. Design your knowledge assets with knowledge-distance and reusability in mind.

  5. Think creatively what constitutes a knowledge artefact – and use existing tools that you have in your organisation.


  1. Identify and mobilise your key employees (knowledge assets) in your organisation to develop new knowledge – an “entrepreneurial” mind set.

  2. Find your organisational “hook” for creating value from knowledge e.g. innovation.

  3. Don’t underestimate the importance and value of experimentation in learning processes.

  4. Agile KM - adapt to context and the business environment fast, change and implement your knowledge assets rapidly.

  5. Deploy your knowledge capability through employee experience (it answers the question “what's in it for me”).



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